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CEC Canada's School Standards and Procedures

Teachers and their students, classroom conduct.

The best setting in any school is were teachers love their students, and were the students love their teachers, in this setting teachers will give their best, and students will be content to receive what is given to them. The first thing teachers must know is this, love is what is behind all of what God wants to see happen through them, in this case, students to learn what he wants them to know. Christian based teaching is a profession that calls for the involvement of God’s knowledge and wisdom, the most important attributes teachers must possess is God’s love and understanding, it is the exercise of these two that will give teachers the patience, the perseverance, and the persistence necessary to come through for God, and for his disciples.
The rules and procedures that are given concerning the conduct of students, are given so that the fruit can freely flow from the well that has been explained above.
CEC Canada identifies these rules and procedures as borders which are to be taken serious so that students and teachers together can enjoy each other.
The rules are centered around respect and courtesy, these behaviors have their roots in these commandments, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” and “ Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
Students are to respect, and be courteous towards their piers and their teachers. This respect and courtesy played out will bring about the attitudes and behaviors CEC Canada expects from its students.

1. Students will respect and revere leadership.

2. Students will come to class dressed in modest clothes.

3. Students will be in class ahead of schedule.

4. Students will stay within the borders set for them.

           1. Students will respect their teachers at all times.

           2. Students will respect those that are speaking.

           3. Students will respect the study time of their piers.

           4. Students will be open to help their piers.

           5. Students will set exemplary godly behaviors.

5. Students will carry with them a copy of their classroom schedules.

6. Students will leave their desks ready for other students to follow them.

7. Students needing counsel will turn to their designated counselors for help.

8. Student life away from the properties of CEC Canada, being members of CEC Canada’s Church, is to be light and salt in the world, to the edifying and building of the Church of God. See By-law 51.

Three rules for teachers:

1. They will respect the borders set for students.
2. They will not avoid questions they cannot answer, rather they will admit that they do not know the answer, and if at all possible they will come back with the answer.
3. They will never give answers that cannot be supported.
Being a teacher is if anything the best way to get to know and have an intimate relationship with God, for a teacher must constantly depend on the living water that flows from Him. The best description for God’s teachers is, they are Oracles of God.

Enforcement of Policies and Procedures.

Authoritative Leadership in charge hold the responsibility of enforcement.


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