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CEC Canada's School Ministry of Admissions

Questions that students ask..

1. Question. Where do you see yourself starting, will it be with an elementary school followed by high schools and graduate schools?  The answer is, CEC Canada’s recognizes its levels of education as organismic functional parts of a one single organism. What makes it so is flow of God’s love, it begins its work with the child and takes it through the entire arrangement, albeit in three distinct functions, the elementary grades, the high school grades and the graduate grades, the blessing is, God’s love does not cease its flow here, it continues in continuum bringing the person once a child to were he or she is in continuum bearing fruit according to what he or she has become, 2 Corinthians 5: 21, the Righteousness of God in Christ. Philippians 1: 11, reads: And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgment; that ye may approve things that are excellent; that ye may be sincere and without offense till the day of Christ; being filled with the fruits of righteousness, which are by Jesus Christ, unto the glory and praise of God. Years have shown that Christian Education in an un-interrupted and single and fluent flow will not miss its mark. It is this single un-interrupted and fluent flow of education, beginning with the Kindergarten grade through to the Graduate grades that CEC Canada has been called to. In light of this, CEC Canada will not wait for the growth of little children to fill its schools, what it will do is open its doors to all grades, from kindergarten through to and including the under-graduate grades on opening day.
2. Question. What about the spiritual immaturity of those who enter the schools in mid stream, will it not hamper their progress?
The challenge that CEC Canada knows it will face and is willing and prepared to face, is the lack of spiritual knowledge and maturity that students above the primary years will bring with them. CEC Canada recognizes a lack of spiritual maturity can be a problem for the junior and senior high school students, for it is here where it expects students to have their lives in reasonable order so that they can move ahead comfortably with God towards what He has for them. Knowing this CEC Canada is prepared to do what it takes to raise the spiritual awareness of those who have entered in mid stream. Having said this CEC Canada looks forward to the challenge and says to the grade school students, you are more then welcome, please apply.
3. Question, Will CEC Canada accept transfers from other Post Graduate and Graduate schools?  The answer is, All those who come from other institutes whether they be religious or non-religious will have to subject themselves to questions regarding their reason as to why they want to transfer, secondly, they would have to be prepared for a thorough assessment as to where they stand with God and where they stand regarding the level of their education, in particular, as related to their goals and or their calling, these two would determine as to where and at what level they would be permitted entry, if they are permitted entry at all.
4. Question. What if anything do the primary grade school student need know about God before they are entitled to enter CEC Canada’s school system? CEC Canada’s answer is nothing, what is expected is the support of
their parents to give CEC Canada the freedom to raise their children in the  sight of God, CEC Canada’s By-law 19.1 reads, Students ages 5 to 11 shall have the support and blessing of their parents, so that the children will be able to learn and grow in peace under the hand of God.
5. Question. One of your statements reads, students must be born again, does this apply to children below the junior high years? CEC Canada believes and is confident that its primary school student who are not born again will have been born again well before they reach junior high. So the answer is, No.
6. Question. Will CEC Canada permit children who come from non-Christian homes enter its schools? The answer is, a resounding Yes, but not without written parental approval. (Children are an heritage of the LORD and the fruit of the womb is His reward, so reads Psalm 127: 3.  If anything, CEC Canada has a solemn duty to give these children an opportunity to get to know the LORD who gave them over as a heritage to their parents so they could to raise them for Him.)
7. Question. Will CEC Canada permit youth (those who are between childhood and maturity ) who are non-Christians and come from non-Christian homes and for that matter from Christian homes enter its schools? For the answer to this question see CEC Canada’s By-laws numbers 19 and 13.
8. Question. Will CEC Canada accept students from other countries? Secondly, will they be expected to pay higher tuitions then what Canadian students will be paying? The answer to the first question is Yes gladly. The answer to the second question is, NO, foreign students will not pay higher tuitions. 
9. Question. Will CEC Canada give preferential treatment to students with higher grade marks, as in letting them enter ahead of those with lower marks? The marks that CEC Canada will be looking for are A for those heading for authoritative leadership and teaching degrees, B for those who are heading for ministerial and management degrees, and C + for those who are heading for leadership positions in Canada’s labor force. Within these areas there will be no preference shown as to who qualifies one ahead of another. Lack of space shall be the only reason for not allowing the entry of a qualified student.
10. Question. Will CEC Canada have housing available for students? The answer is, No, CEC Canada’s assessment shows that most of its students will live near its schools, this means they will have no reason to leave home to go to school, CEC Canada’s sees this as an environment that is much preferred and most certainly less costly. Will there be students that need housing, the answer is Yes, all those who do not live near a school. CEC Canada’s resolve is, it will approach neighborhoods and ask home owners to allow students to reside with them. A special effort will be made to make this happen.
11. Question. Will CEC Canada accept students who belong to other denominations?The answer is, CEC Canada’s policy is to interview the person applying rather then looking from where God has taken them to bring them to CEC Canada. Will some be from other denominations, no doubt, what CEC Canada is interested in is more then anything else is, did God send them, if after an interview this question can be answered with a Yes then CEC Canada will accept both the person and the fact that God has placed this person into the care of its hands.
12. Question. Which Bible will CEC Canada use as its source for religious instruction? The answer is the Authorized King James Version. CEC Canada’s By-law 43 reads: 1. It shall be that the Association use the Authorized King James Bible as it's main text, and the New King James version for those who have difficulty grasping the language of the Authorized King James version. 2. It shall be the policy of the Association, should the message in the New King James version differ to the one in  the Authorized King James that it settle for the Authorized  King James version.   
13. Question. What will CEC Canada do to keep its tuitions down to a reasonable level?  CEC Canada’s plans are to setup a special fund to which Canadians can donate, these funds would be used to keep student tuitions down to a maximum of 50% of actual cost. Could tuitions drop below fifty percent? The answer is No, any access funds would be kept in reserve to be used in the following year.
14. Question. What will CEC Canada do for students who qualify but do not have access to funds? the Answer is, CEC Canada will set up a special fund to which caring individuals can donate to help those who have no financial base to depend upon.

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