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Student Housing

CEC Canada was called to set up private education centres across Canada, in this calling it was instructed to target the highly populated areas, this would not be all, it was also called to be prepared to open up elementary and high schools in rural areas whenever called upon to do so. When CEC Canada looked at this, it could readily see that students living in the highly populated areas would not have to leave home at all, however, for those in the rural areas wanting to go to university it would be different, it would be no different then for those coming from abroad to spend their time with CEC Canada’s higher learning institutes, both would need housing. CEC Canada did not see this as a negative situation coming up against their housing policy, but rather as a beneficial one, what CEC Canada would have to do is to create a bridge between itself and its neighbors in a way that would make it possible for students to live in its neighborhoods.  CEC Canada could see this as God having an immediate presence to represent CEC Canada before its neighbors, and not only that, it  saw this as a  huge benefit for students to do what CEC Canada is all about, being ambassadors for Christ even if it only meant answering the little whats, whens, wheres, whos, and whys that would come to them. To this end then CEC Canada will do its utmost to make its dream come through.

A backup plan: What CEC Canada could see is this, developers stepping up to the plate and constructing low cost student housing. In the final analysis it could well be a combination of the two.

CEC Canada is committed to informing its neighbors of their intent so they can respond and put themselves on our list as possible landlords for its students. This is to happen the moment the construction of a school begins.  Students will be informed well in advance of who these people are so they can establish where and with whom they will live. Current rental prices in the City of Vancouver are on average approximately 400 dollars per month for single occupancies, and approximately 700 dollars per month for double occupancies. In both instances food would be the responsibility of the student.

Another step that CEC Canada has on its agenda regarding student housing is this, it plans on encouraging donors to help students who have no resources with their housing costs. Plans to make this happen have as yet not been drafted. The moment they have, they will be shown on this page.

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