This page: When man agrees with God, good things begin to happen.
CEC Canada's Pre-Under Graduate counseling

This work is to be done on two levels, they are on personal growth and on goal setting. Every student will be subjected to this environment.

These thoughts we call personal growth and goal setting, are to be seeds planted at age nine/grade four and nutured through to age twelve/grade seven.

Age thirteen/grade eight through to age fifteen/grade ten, are the years when students will be looking at careers and life styles.

Age sixteen/grade eleven is the year when students will be led to face their desires head on and come to grips with them.

Age seventeen/grade twelve students will be given the opportunity to know the road to take to get to the fulfilling of their desire.

Besides study, deliberate group and personal counseling sessions will be available to all students at each of the four levels.

The choices that students will be confronted with are all the occupations which can be found with those that supply the needs of people; namely, food, clothing, shelter, education, health services, protection, and security, and last the occupations that can be found with the Church of God, evangelist, preachers, teachers, pastors, administrators, not to say anything of the ministerial help it takes to come through for God in this broken world.

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